“Yellow Tomatoes are Heroes of the Pantry”

Epicurious senior editor Anna Hezel looked into the whys and hows of a pomodoro giallo momentum and she (inevitably) fell in love with Maida yellow tomatoes.

For her article, Hezel reports not only our + farmer Francesco Vastola’s words on yellow tomatoes, but she also quotes Rick Easton, Tony Pisaniello, and Dan Richer. What do these chefs have in common? Maida yellow tomatoes in their pantries.

On Maida farm, Francesco grows + cans two different yellow tomato heirloom varieties. Attenzione! Never cook these tomatoes for longer than 5 or 6 minutes, otherwise the heat will destroy their elegant subtle aromas.

Whole Yellow Cherry Tomatoes aka Pomodorino Giallo a Polpa Bianca
 Jarred whole in their own juice with the very flavorful skin on.
– Their rich, mineral taste makes them the perfect pairing for seafood.
– Velvety texture, low acidity, and a distinct sweet-savory flavor.



Yellow Plum Tomato Passata aka Pomodoro Lungo Giallo di Capaccio
– A raw purée of tomatoes with a pinch of sea salt and a basil leaf.
– Amazing liquid base for poaching, with a strikingly low acidity, balanced sweetness, and refined delicate flavor.
– A boost of betacarotene and vitamins.




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