Happy Gustiamo: Awesome Effing Job!

We wanted you to watch Happy Gustiamo, before the video goes viral. It was during Fancy & FuoriFancy! Always cool to be able to tell your grandkids, I was the first or, even better, I was there! Happy Gustiamo: we love our producers; we love what we do; and we have fun in the process.

Let’s share the fun and Italy’s Best Food. (You can place your order, here: gustiamo.com) You’ll see: happiness is catching!

We decided to go public with our video, when Danielle asked Deanna whether she had seen our Happy video and she replied:
“I had not!!! and so now I’m actually kind of OBSESSED WITH IT! you did an AWESOME EFFING job!!!”

Disclaimer: Deanna is Danielle’s cousin. Nevertheless, we want the world to see it. What do you think? Viral?

Promise: We solemnly promise to keep our day job and keep bringing you Italy’s Best and Real Food! AND we solemnly promise we’ll never ask you to listen to us sing 🙂

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