Foods for Adventuring

For gallivanting, adventuring, picnics + camp outs. Here are some Gusti picks.

Dried figs for dessert. Instant dessert. Just open up the package, which is made of fig leaves, and you’ve got delicious figs from Cilento covered in fig molasses and full of candied fruit.

The BEST oil + vinegar. Awww, so cute, they fit in the pocket of your skinny jeans. Yes. But more importantly, this is incredible EVOO from Tuscany + the most flavorful white vinegar in the universe, from Friuli.

Spread on the pesto. Not pasta. Ok, yes, pasta! But also, lots of our friends throw a jar of this into their bags to snack on + spread on panini. It can be out of the fridge for a day or two, nessun problema.

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