Cooked Tomato is better than Raw

The one and only farmer Pasquale Imperato on Italian National TV! With an impressive telegenic look, Pasquale gave a passionate explanation of why his Piennolo tomatoes are so special. Spoiler: their unique sweet flavor with a slight tartness is just the beginning.

Groundbreaking tomato revelation: “Piennolos are considered a long-life elixir by the scientific community, thanks to their extraordinarily high levels of LYCOPENE.” Don’t be scared by the academic word, lycopene is a powerful antioxidant, the one responsible for the red color of tomatoes. Antioxidant = healthy heart + lower cancer risk + sun protection + a long list of benefits.

BUT! Long-life elixirs always come with a trick: “You need heat to activate lycopene.” This means that you have to cook Piennolos, for their antioxidant properties to work. When science says to cook your tomatoes, you obey.

One last thing. Pasquale specifies that Piennolos need to cook just enough to unlock their miraculous nutrients, but absolutely not too long. Only a touch of heat, he says. Whether you put them on pizza, make a classic pasta al pomodoro, or top a summery bruschetta, don’t leave them sizzling for more than 5 minutes. No-cook recipe? Almost!