Trenette Al Pesto Genovese

This is the ultimate Trenette al Pesto, it doesn’t get any better. Why? Because we’re using the award-winning, number one fresh pesto in the world: the “King of Pesto” Roberto Panizza’s Fresh Pesto Genovese. Roberto is fanatical about sourcing his ingredients, and you bet you can taste the difference.

Tip #1: As soon as your Gustiamo box arrives, put your pesto in the fridge. Before using it, bring it to room temperature by letting it sit out on your counter.

Tip #2: Saving the pasta water is key. Don’t skip this step. Adding pasta water will help you achieve that perfect creaminess AND you will use every last drop of pesto!

trenette al pesto genovese Roberto panizza



TIME: 15 minutes


  1. Bring a large pot of water to a boil, salted with coarse sea salt to taste.
  2. Cook the trenette until al dente. Drain and place back into the empty pot (or large serving bowl), reserving at least two cups of pasta water.
  3. Scoop the pesto into the hot pasta, off the heat, mixing well.
  4. Fill each empty jar with the reserved pasta water, close the lids, shake well, then pour the contents of the jar into the pasta.
  5. Stir vigorously until the pasta becomes creamy, adding more pasta water if needed.
  6. Serve immediately and enjoy!

trenette al pesto genovese roberto panizza