Something you should know about our hazelnuts.

Alta Langa Hazelnuts.

We promised you something nutty and here it is.

These are Alta Langa Hazelnuts, they are the most famous hazelnuts in the world. They have inspired so many pastry chefs throughout time (think gianduja) and they are a go-to essential for nut-hungry snackers.

These hazelnuts are never picked, they are gathered. There’s no scientific formula to tell you when they are ripe. Nature does that for you. When these hazelnut fall from the trees, that’s nature telling you they are at their flavor peak.


  • These are the most hazelnuty hazelnuts you’ll ever taste. Or SMELL, for that matter
  • They are dried in the sun, that means there won’t be any rancidity or toxins
  • They are grown, processed, and packaged by the same people, you even know their names: Giorgio, Marco, and Marco