Colomba 2019 by Biasetto

It takes more than 12 hours to make this heavenly Italian Easter cake. Our Colomba is made in Padova by Luigi Biasetto, the world award-winning pastry chef. When it comes to Colomba, Chef Luigi doesn’t make compromises.

The process begins with Luigi’s 100-year-old sourdough starter; add local eggs and butter and the result is 1 kilo of sweet doughy perfection. This Colomba is lush and airy, moist and soft with a round but not greasy mouthfeel. In every slice you will find a number of different textures: from the crunchy almond covered crust to the plump homemade candied oranges hidden in the crumb.

This Colomba is sweet, but not too sweet. We asked Luigi to share his secret for perfect sweetness, “I reduced the sugar to the minimum, using three times more honey than other recipes. Plus, I source only real Bourbon vanilla which, combined with the citrusy hints of orange, delivers a festive dessert experience.”