Paul Riccio the Film Maker

We first heard of Paul Riccio  after we watched the award winning short film The Timmy Brothers – Water Makers.

We spent about a week repeatedly watching this film and chain-mail style blasting it to all of our friends. Then, we called Paul Riccio and told him we needed to be his friend. We are very lucky he agreed and also, we learned, he has a passion for Italian food. Meant to be.

 Why do we love the Timmy Brothers so much? Well, let’s face it, the ”artisan food industry” stinks. It’s really intolerable most of the time. We at Gustiamo usually find ourselves fighting it while also trying to rise above it. The Timmy Brothers really put things in perspective for us and they also makes us laugh hysterically.

 So what happens when you put Paul Riccio’s genius satiric eye together with the best damn Italian food in the USA ? An amazing collaboration. Stay tuned for more!