These almonds are sustainable.

Romana Almonds from Noto, Sicily are special. They’re special for their flavor, they’re special for their tradition, and YES, they are special because they are sustainable!

Romana Almond Trees in Noto use very little water compared to California Almonds. Read all about Noto Almond Tree irrigation (or lack there of) HERE.

When we say special flavor, we mean it. Romana Almonds are famous for their role in the Sicilian pastry kitchen. Master Pastry Chef Corrado Assenza uses exclusively these almonds for his sweet creations.

These almonds are game changers. They are totally raw. No toasting. No salt. The pure and natural flavor they bring to any recipe is unmatched. They are the perfect ingredient for cookies, cake, almond milk, almond butter, roasted almonds, pesto, and ALL your favorite almond pleasures.

Raw Romana Almonds are also amazing on their own. They’re perfect for summertime aperitivo. Try them paired with sparkling wine, exquisite. Just imagine: a bottle of Franciacorta (the “Champagne” of Italy), a bowl of raw Romana Almonds, a good view, and a good friend. Doesn’t that sound like summertime bliss?

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