Stefano Ferrara

Stefano Ferrara is probably one of the most important people on the NYC pizza scene. No, he is not a restaurant owner, nor is he a pizza maker. Stefano is a pizza oven artisan. Many believe that Stefano makes the best pizza ovens in the world. If you want to know more about what Stefano does, we suggest this Eater article (that is if you have an hour to kill — at least skim it!).

We just visited Stefano in his oven making laboratory near Naples. It was gorgeous. With Stefano, we discussed our biggest common interest: San Marzano Tomatoes. In fact, Paolo from DaniCoop was with us. Stefano told us that when he visits American pizzerie to custom build ovens, when he sees something he says something.

This policy holds true with tomatoes, Stefano believes that if you are using one of his stoves, you should be using the best ingredients. What does he recommend when he sees a customer using a not-so-great tomato? DaniCoop’s Real San Marzano Tomatoes from Gustiamo! To get them for your American pizzeria, you will have to talk to our wholesale captain, Edoardo.



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