Sweet Summer Panettone

“You shouldn’t have to wait for December to have a slice of Panettone,” Master Pastry Chef Luigi Biasetto told us. Hell yes! Biasetto Summer Panettone is finally here.

Read the highlights from our Q&A with the Panettone genius himself:

How is your Summer Panettone different from the winter version?
“We came up with a lighter and fresher dough that can be enjoyed in summer. There’s 10% less butter, that makes it easier on the palate. Then, a cocktail of 17 spices completes the summery experience.”

What are the most distinctive aromas?
“Ginger, both the juice and candied bits. That’s the quintessential element of freshness. Also the most prized organic turmeric. I like to say that my Summer Panettone is golden like the sun!”

An innovative twist to a big classic, what inspired this recipe?
“I pursued the balance between the most iconic Panettone flavors and what could represent a taste of summer. Classic vanilla and candied citrus are in harmony with cinnamon, star anise, and even a touch of melon.”

A Panettone that’s light, fresh, aromatic, and…
“Juicy! Each slice is studded with raisins that are macerated in Marsala wine to keep them moist and soft.”


Take a slice of Summer Panettone (or two!) and enjoy it with your favorite Marco Colzani sweet spread. That’s real merenda italiana bliss!

Italian Lesson: Merenda means SNACK in Italian.