Smaller Cans Taste Better

San Marzano is the king of tomatoes, but that’s old news. No wonder they are the real star in the new FX series “The Bear.” With their distinctive mineral-sweet flavor and low acidity, these tomatoes are prized by chefs worldwide.

In one of the key scenes of the show, the protagonist uncovers a Spaghetti Family Meal recipe with a note that reads: “smaller cans taste better.” Fiction or reality? We asked Paolo, the president of DaniCoop, the cooperative of farmers that makes our DOP San Marzano tomatoes.
Surprise, surprise, he corroborates the show’s thesis! Tomatoes in smaller cans do taste better also when it comes to DaniCoop tomatoes.

The production of these small cans of San Marzano is entirely manual. Their quality control starts in the field and ends in the facility, which means constant care and supervision until the can is sealed. Whenever you want to upgrade a recipe that requires a tomato-y kick, look no further. These small cans of San Marzano will deliver the flavor of the most outstanding tomatoes in the world.


If you’re a discerning tomato consumer, you’ll notice the cans of tomato featured in the show are called San Mericans. This is simply a marketing name developed for the US-grown variety of the San Marzano. Real DOP tomatoes are grown in a small area in Campania that can only make so many tomatoes. The math is pretty straightforward: not all “San Marzano” tomatoes sold worldwide can possibly be grown in Agro Sarnese-Nocerino.