Slow Food Certified Vessalico Garlic in Our Rossi Pesto

There are many ingredients in our Pesto Genovese from Roberto Panizza’s Rossi 1947 that make it special. For example, the real Italian pine nuts that Roberto uses bring a key flavor element to his pesto. Another essential ingredient is the garlic variety that Roberto uses in his pesto, grown in a small town called Vessalico.

Roberto’s team describes this wonderful garlic in their newsletter:

“We choose Vessalico garlic for its intense and delicate flavor, its easy digestibility, and its connection to our land. An ancient garlic that was at risk of being lost, it grows in a demanding environment, and local producers pass down garlic bulbs from generation to generation along with growing practices.

The cultivation is manual and above all organic craftsmanship is a necessity!”

Because of the great passion of these garlic producers, Slow Food has created a Presidium for the garlic of Vessalico to help protect its heritage.

We’re proud that Roberto Panizza uses the best ingredients like this one to make an incredible pesto.