Sicilian Cherry Tomatoes

Fans of the Pianogrillo Cherry Tomato Sauce rejoice! Your favorite Salsa Pronta is back in stock.

There’s a reason we choose to carry just one open-and-eat tomato sauce. Or better, many reasons!

Pianogrillo Salsa is shockingly pure and genuine: 97% Sicilian cherry tomatoes, Pianogrillo extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, and basil. Nothing else.

This sauce is so sweet. But what you are tasting is that natural sweetness expressed only by tomatoes grown under the Sicilian sun.

It’s a last minute dinner life saver: keep a six pack in your pantry and you won’t regret it. Pop the bottle and use Pianogrillo Cherry Tomato Sauce for pasta al pomodoro, poached eggs, gazpacho, or even a Bloody Mary. Yes, you can most definitely use Pianogrillo Cherry Tomato Sauce for cocktails and drinks.

Gustiamo’s very own Beatrice sometimes drinks it as a morning snack!