Shakerato Giamaica Coffee

Shakerato is the Italian alternative to your afternoon iced coffee. It is round, low in acidity, and so refreshing. Simone Frasi, the master roaster of Giamaica caffè, takes his shakerato rigorously without sugar and loves to serve it in a martini cocktail glass.
Don’t be fooled. You don’t need a fancy shaker to make this coffee. We use a jar!


SERVES: 3 cups of coffee
TIME: 15 minutes


  1. Brew your coffee using a stovetop Moka.
  2. Fill the Moka pot bottom chamber with water until you cover half of the safety valve.
  3. Fill the basket filter with Giamaica Moka ground coffee, pressing gently.
  4. Close the Moka pot with the upper chamber and put it on the stove on medium-high heat.
  5. Wait for the coffee to start brewing, when the gurgling sound gets intense, turn off the heat.
  6. Prepare a cocktail shaker or a glass jar with a lid.
  7. Add ice cubes and pour in the hot coffee directly from the Moka pot.*
  8. Start shaking moving your hands in circles: the ice cubes should move in and out the coffee, creating an emulsion and a nice, thick foam.
  9. Shake for around 5 minutes and pour over ice in a cocktail glass.

*Add sugar at this step, if you’d like. We recommend trying Giamaica shakerato black to experience its full aromatic magic.