In Sardegna – Discovering Corbezzolo Honey

During a recent call with Luigi Manias in the hills of Sardegna we were very surprised when we heard a cheery American voice on the other line. Lindsey is a wonderful young woman who works full time in TV in Massachusetts. How does she spend her vacations? Volunteering with WWOOF! Specifically traveling to Sardegna and helping Luigi with all bee and honey making activities. Here below is Linsey’s delightful story of when she discovered Corbezzolo honey.

Lindsey Gustiamo Honey






Sardegna Corbezzolo
“It was a gorgeous day in Sardinia when Luigi Manias pressed my finger into a piece of honeycomb and instructed me to taste. Honey straight from the hive is always a treat; sweet, delicate, somehow enhanced by sunshine and fresh air. I licked my finger, ready for something special but not… bitter?! “Bitter honey?!” Luigi smiled at my confusion, and we began our Corbezzolo honey harvest.

I’ve never been so intrigued by a honey as I am by the famed miele amaro of Sardinia. The taste of bitter almonds, amaretto, raisins soaked in rum, it’s so different it’s hard to believe it came from a beehive. I’m back in the US now, but when I’m missing the hills of Sardinia I gravitate toward Corbezzolo honey— I love it mixed in hot chocolate or an espresso, drizzled on top of ricotta on toast, I’ve heard it goes well with butternut squash, but honestly, it’s so good you could eat it with a spoon.”

Grazie Lindsey! Thank you for sharing. You can check out Lindsey’s blog here.


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  1. Wow, now I want to pay a visit to Sardegna ASAP. Meanwhile, Grazie Gustiamo team for offering the organic raw honey in USA.
    I am foodie, raw holistic chef and I always get excited for your unique delicious products(wild and/or organic)
    Keep bringing more organic food pretty please. Organic olives will be such a treat for example 🙂

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