Elizabeth Minchilli’s Seadas with Corbezzolo Honey

Seadas are a dish that we enjoy often in Sardegna, but have never made ourselves. Thanks to our friend Elizabeth Minchilli that is about to change! Check out her how-to video for making these fried classic Sardo pastries.

Want to know the secret to making these? It’s the honey, honey 😉 As, Elizabeth Says: “the most important part (at least in my opinion) is the honey. The honey used to drizzle atop this pastry is made from corbezzolo, which is a kind of wild plant that grows in Sardinia. It’s a very special type of honey because it has a decidedly bitter flavor. When I tasted it on its own the bitterness was overpowering mostly, I think, because I wasn’t prepared for it. But paired with cheese, or better yet fried, cheese-filled pastries, it’s the perfect amount of bittersweet… I can’t stress enough what a difference the corbezzolo honey makes. I’ve found a few sources for it.”

Grazie Elizabeth, for using us as a source! Here’s the link for our Corbezzolo Honey. It is made by Luigi Manias in central Sardegna.

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