Why is the Dried White Dottato Fig from Cilento so Special?

6a00e55029641d8834017d3dfd5eeb970c-800wiFrom over 600 varieties of Italian figs comes one that shines above the rest. The White Dottato Fig from Cilento  is marvelous. Why is it marvelous? Let Antonio from Santomiele Farm break down for you the 2 natural characteristics of this fig that make it taste so good (watch the video, below).

They are so good in fact, that the EU has legally recognized their quality as something special. As we mentioned in our recent post about EV olive oil, we are major naysayers when it comes to purchasing decisions based on packaging. But we do love the packing of Santomiele’s figs.

We love it, not because Martha Stewart thinks it is beautiful enough for her Fall Wedding Flower Arrangements, but because it is traditional. The dried figs are wrapped in their own leaves.  Sustainable packaging at its best.

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  1. Dott.Antonio Longo says:

    Oramai da anni abbiamo deciso di farci rappresentare in America da “Gustiamo”, in quanto crediamo che un prodotto italiano di eccellenza come “I Fichi Bianchi del Cilento” possano essere rappresentati solo da chi ama, conosce e seleziona i migliori prodotti della propria terra: Beatrice Ughi.
    Grazie a Beatrice, oggi il “Fagottino”, uno dei prodotti più antichi legati alla storia dell’uomo (la frutta conservata nelle foglie e melassa di fichi), è richiesto e apprezzato in tutto il mondo, dalla America al Giappone.
    Dott. Antonio Longo

  2. Our friend, and esteemed fig producer, Dott. Antonio Longo, says:
    “Its been a long time since we decided to have Gustiamo import our figs into the USA. We believe that a product with the excellence of the White Fig from Cilento can only be represented by people that know and love the best products from their own Italian homeland, people like our friends at Gustiamo. Figs preserved in their own fig leaves constitute one of the most ancient products in all of human history. Thanks to Gustiamo today, it is a product requested and appreciated all over the world.”
    Grazie mille per le tue belle parole.

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