Santomiele Dry Figs Worth of Martha Stewart’s Wedding

6a00e55029641d8834017ee52db839970d-800wiMartha Stewart’s Fall Wedding Flower Arrangements series is not just for autumn brides and wedding planners. This table is simply stunning for any fall/winter feast.

Take a look at this photo again, that small brown package sitting on the dish comes to you from Cilento, Italy and contains the precious and divine Fico Dottato DOP, white fig that have been stuffed with almonds, soaked in rum and fig mollasses with citrus peel and raisins. Who wouldn’t want to sit down at an eating event to find an elegant, sustainably packaged and culturally significant gift?

And the floral arrangement? Spectacular! Created by Amy, our friend and super floral designer of Seaport Flowers, in Brooklyn. Thank you Martha Stewart and thank you Amy!



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