Only Real Italian Food Beyond This Point

It’s not just Food

When we founded Gustiamo back in 1999 we knew one thing: we couldn’t accept compromises. That’s still who we are today.

We choose to work with farmers and food makers in Italy that respect and protect the land and traditions they have inherited from the generations before them.

We vouch for the good ingredients that represent authentic Italian food culture. We don’t believe in ingredients that are invented just to lure the American market. We are committed to helping our friends and customers to unlearn stereotypical flavor expectations.

We always speak up for what’s right, from Bronx community building, to anti-mafia agricultural practices, to paying a fair price for the food we buy from Italy.

Real Italian ingredients are a way of educating, taking responsibility, and being part of the fight for social and economic justice for farmers and food makers.

We are proud of the network of food makers and eaters we’ve been cultivating for two decades. We’ve got extraordinary people at each end, from the field to the kitchen!

This is the main gate of our warehouse. It was created by our friend and local artist @kingbeeuw and it totally captures our fierce dedication to what we do.