Great News for Pesto Genovese, UNESCO!

Pesto Genovese is next in line to be added to UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage list. The powerhouse behind the movement to have authentic Pesto Genovese included on the list is our own Pesto King, Roberto Panizza.

We just spoke with Roberto in Genova. He is thrilled that the Italian media is newly buzzing with excitement. Roberto told us that the ethno-cultural significance of this recognition is immeasurable. In fact, this recognition will play a large role in preserving the authenticity of this very local tradition, which has been appropriated and reinterpreted all around the world. Pesto Genovese ground with a mortar and pestle using very specific local ingredients, like Vessalico Garlic and Taggiasca EVOO, is the original.

La Repubblica calls Pesto Genovese “the sauce most celebrated and international of the Italian kitchen” and that “soon Genova will have a gastronomic victory” with the UNESCO inclusion of Pesto Genovese. RAI calls Pesto Genovese “an ethno-anthropological phenomenon typical to Liguria and a natural food, high in quality, and a healthy part of the Mediterranean diet” on its way to be recognized by UNESCO.

There is nothing better than Pesto Genovese. We are privileged to be able to enjoy it also here in the USA. Great work Roberto!

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