Pasquale Imperato Sapori Vesuviani on RAI

This time of year in Italy there are 3 essential questions:
Where are you?
Who are you with?
And most importantly, which TOMATO are you with?

It’s tomato harvest time in Italy and RAI is aswering those 3 questions with:
At the foot of Mt. Vesuvius.
With Pasquale Imperato.
Piennolo Tomato!

RAI certainly made a great choice. Pasquale Imperato of Sapori Vesuviani is one of the most important agricultural activists in Italy and a great friend of Gustiamo.

With his team of farmers harvesting the Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP, Pasquale recounts how this is going to be a fantastic year for Piennolo Tomatoes. Both in terms of quantity and quality! As you can see in the video below, the entire harvest happens by hand and is not easy!

Watch the whole segment in the video below. Our favorite part is when they interview Signora Anna making the traditional bunches of hanging tomatoes. After all the word “piennolo” comes from the word “pendolo,” or in English, “pendulum.” She has been doing this since she was 4 years old!  As you may know, the Gusti Team has an admiration crush on the Piennolo Tomato centenarian Signora Anna.