A Sicilian 15-Minute Pasta

Some things are meant to be together. Busiate and Pesto Trapanese embody the perfect example, one that truly stood the test of time.

Let us introduce you to Pesto Trapanese, Pesto Genovese’s Sicilian cousin. Legend has it that, in the Middle Ages, sailors traveling from Genova to the East brought pesto all the way to the port of Trapani. There, the ingenious Sicilian fishermen adapted it by using ingredients easier to source on the island, like almonds and tomatoes.

A silky + crunchy pesto is nothing without a porous vessel to mop it up. There you have Busiate. This Sicilian iconic pasta, also originated in the Trapani area, has a rough corkscrew-like shape. We promise, not a drop of pesto will be left in your bowl.

Our favorite thing about this recipe? It doesn’t require any cooking, except from boiling the pasta water. That’s why the right ingredients make all the difference:

  • Noto Romana almonds build the nutty base, bringing their unmistakable bold Sicilian flavor.
  • Piennolo tomatoes add the perfect minerality to balance the richness of the almonds.
  • Busiate made with Tumminia flour, complement the pesto with the natural sweetness of this ancient Sicilian grain.
  • Pianogrillo, a round and tomato-y EVOO from Ragusa, binds everything together giving a glossy finish.

Add a dash of Maida Chili peppers to your Pesto Trapanese, just enough to bring out the fragrance of all the ingredients without being too fiery. Or, if you like piccante, just leave the jar of peperoncini on the table and let your guests be in charge!