How We Eat Gelato

How we eat Gelato

If you are anything like us, you spend a significant part of your summer in a freezer aisle or in front of a counter examining ice cream and gelato ingredient lists. Ingredients like corn syrup, milk powder, and gum make us roll our eyes – it’s no secret that we like to keep it simple!

Our hack for avoiding ingredient weirdness while still enjoying interesting flavors?

Use the most simple basic flavor of ice cream or gelato that you can find and go crazy with amazing toppings. Check out the dessert course at the popup dinner party we threw just the other day.

Pistachio Spread

Smooth and shiny, this spread is made with only 4 ingredients: pistachios from Sicily (yes, ACTUALLY from Sicily), extra virgin olive oil, cane sugar, and enough sea salt to give it a slightly savory kick.

Add a dollop (or two!) of Marco Colzani’s Pistachio Spread.



Zibibbo Grape

Zibibbo grape gives your gelato the complex aroma and delicious zing of Pantelleria, the small island south of Sicily.

Add a drizzle of the tangy and sweet Zibibbo grape syrup (just 2 ingredients) and a handful of Zibibbo raisins (just 1 ingredient).





Saba is a 1 ingredient miracle sweetener. It is grape juice made from freshly harvested grapes that has been cooked over an open flame for about 50 hours until becoming syrupy.

Add Saba, it is your not-too-sweet topping full of fruity flavor.