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Welcome to our Summer Panettone Pop Up! This Panettone was freshly baked in Padova and is available for a limited time only.

This panettone is Luigi Biasetto's contribution to the "4 Season Panettone" movement, started in Italy by wonderful bakers like Chef Luigi.

The "panettone 4 stagioni" movement is gaining momentum in Italy and we are proud to be sharing it with our friends in the USA. These summer panettoni are fresh, they were just baked in Padova by Luigi Biasetto and his team. 

The Biasetto Summer Panettone is totally different from Biasetto's Christmas Panettone. For starters, this panettone is SMALL (1 lb). Also, one of its key ingredients is turmeric. Why turmeric? Well, as Chef Luigi tells us, "it gives the Panettone the color of summer, it glows like the sun." Chef Luigi sources his certified organic turmeric from Nepal, it is one of the highest quality turmerics on the market.

This is the softest panettone we have ever experienced. It's a rich explosion of aromas and textures, thanks to a cocktail of spices that holds the freshness of the slightly spicy note of candied ginger, the Mediterranean flavors of zibibbo muscat grape and orange, the spicy aroma of star anise and turmeric.

Panettone Biasetto is made with the best possible ingredients that Chef Luigi sources himself wherever his search for the best leads him. Biasetto’s Panettone utilizes optimal flour combined with natural mother yeast, which has been nurtured for 60 years and several generations. The butter is made (centrifuge) with superior milk. The yolks come from organic eggs that are super fresh. The organic honey is DOP from the Italian Alps. Vanilla is from Tahiti. Chef Luigi uses incredibly soft raisins and fragrant real candied fruits (orange, citron and lemon from Sicily), a stellar difference with the small pieces of colored and tasteless squash you would find in your industrial panettone. 

Nota bene: these panettoni are available in limited quantities for a limited time.

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