Everything tastes better with Tomato Concentrate

Gustiamo Pianogrillo Tomato Concentrate from Sicily

Gustiamo Pianogrillo Tomato Concentrate from Sicily

Serious home cooks always have tomato paste on hand. With a great tomato paste in your pantry, you can upgrade something ordinary to something outstanding, in just one move.

This Pianogrillo Tomato Concentrate is made in Sicily by our friend Lorenzo. He’s a remarkable person and an outstanding Sicilian farmer. Pianogrillo Estratto di Pomodori is handmade following the classic Sicilian family tradition. Lorenzo uses perfectly ripe sun dried tomatoes and adds only his own extra virgin olive oil and local sea salt.

The result of his simple recipe is a tomato paste unlike any other: deep red, fantastically dense, lightly salty, sweet in that sun-kissed Sicilian way; and with an umami punch so powerful that it will wake up parts of your palate that you didn’t even know were there.

Gustiamo Pianogrillo Tomato Concentrate from Sicily

This tomato paste is the secret ingredient of many of our chef friends, like Chef Mike Anthony at Gramercy Tavern.

Everything tastes better with Pianogrillo Tomato Concentrate. Try dissolving a teaspoon of it in a glass of wine and adding it to your sautéing onions. Or, try adding a dollop to ANY sauce to unlock new flavor depths. Get creative. It is hard to make a mistake with this ingredient.