Pianogrillo Back in Stock

Run don’t walk, a shipment of Pianogrillo extra virgin olive oil just arrived in the Bronx.

There’s a good explanation for these few weeks of Pianogrillo shortage. We don’t receive any EVOO from Italy in the peak months of summer, because good oil really suffers heat. And we wouldn’t harm our liquid gold for anything in the world. Even if that means having to wait for a bit!

Gustiamo rule #1: these extraordinary foods are not commodities.

pianogrillo Sicilian extra virgin olive oil

This Sicilian EVOO definitely has a cult following, and for good reason.

It’s made with 100% Tonda Iblea olives by farmer Lorenzo Piccione and his team. They are located in Chiaramonte Gulfi, a territory where there are basically more olive trees than people.

Pianogrillo is a nutty, almond, tomatoey extra virgin olive oil. So very quintessentially Sicilian. Not too spicy, not too bitter, farmer Lorenzo’s favorite characteristic of his EVOO is how round it tastes.

Pianogrillo is infinitely versatile. It embodies our motto: a good extra virgin is good for everything. Frying eggplant? Pianogrillo. Making olive oil cake? Pianogrillo. Blending the last fresh herbs into a pesto? Pianogrillo. Roasting squash in the oven? Pianogrillo. Dipping bread? Pianogrillo.