San Marzano Day, a letter from Nicholas Blechman

We just spent some wonderful days in Sarno, Campania, for the majestic celebration of THE REAL San Marzano tomato: San Marzano Day, the tomato feast organized by DaniCoop. Obviously, we wouldn’t miss it for any reason.

This year, San Marzano Day was pretty damn grand. Did you watch our IG story reportage of the day?

Our San Marzano Day ended on an emotional note when Beatrice read this letter from our friend Nicholas Blechman. Yes, he’s the very talented journalist who gave birth to this New York Times article reporting the scandal of San Marzano tomatoes.

New York, 21st July 2019
Dear DaniCoop,
The reeducation of the American consumer is a slow process, but there is a growing consciousness surrounding San Marzano tomatoes in America.
There is at least one active lawsuit against Cento with regards to their labeling (or mislabeling, rather) of tomatoes. And only yesterday I stumbled upon an article in a small newspaper about the conglomeration of giant seed companies in Germany and China, and it mentioned San Marzano tomatoes are only San Marzano if they are made from your seeds, planted in your soil.
These are small examples, but they are evidence that people care and are curious about the food they eat. Thanks to Gustiamo, my family and friends in New York enjoy your tomatoes throughout the year, and are grateful for all your hard work.
Happy San Marzano day, I am with you in spirit!
Nicholas Blechman