On La Cucina Italiana: Gustiamo brings the best of Italy to the USA

Hidden gems of Italy, that’s how food journalist Sara Tieni calls the Gusti products, on this month’s edition of of La Cucina Italiana Magazine. For their feature Italians, dedicated to the stories of Italian food and culture around the world, Gustiamo’s very own founder and president Beatrice shares what has been the golden rule of Gustiamo in the past 20 years:

Independent producers and solid relationships, just like in a longstanding wedding. Incessant research. Among our staple ingredients there’s Vacche Rosse Cheese, made with the milk of the heritage red cow breed by Luciano Catellani. And then extra virgin olive oil! It took us seven years to find a new EVOO to add to our selection: it’s made in Trevi, Umbria, by two 30 years old brothers, the Gaudenzi. […] And finally a bean to bar chocolate that is not conched to avoid the oxidation of all the aromas. It’s made by Marco Colzani in Carate Brianza (Lombardia). Believe me, it’s a jewel.”

Grazie mille Sara for the enthusiastic article. It can be found on newsstands all across Italy, or by subscribing to the digital version of La Cucina Italiana.it