New! In the USA for the 1st time.

Sirk Grape Vinegar, disrupting the world of vinegar.

Meet la famiglia Sirk! Josko Sirk is a man with a vision. A vinegar vision. That’s NOT wine in his glass, it’s vinegar. On La Subida estate in Friuli, Josko and his family are realizing their vision, to make vinegar in the most natural way possible.

Presenting Sirk GRAPE Vinegar; made in the most natural way possible, which means starting with grapes and going slow.

Josko, along with his son Mitja, start the process by selecting the best ribolla gialla grapes in Collio (that’s right, they start with grapes, not wine). And, as Josko loves to point out, the natural fermentation for their vinegar takes at least two summers. In total the production lasts 5 years!

Sirk Grape Vinegar is a bouquet of aroma. It is so flavorful, the taste is complex with minerality, smooth, and polished.

The news that this vinegar is finally here in the USA is quite important. Read more about La Subida and Sirk on the GustiBlog.

Bevenuto Sirk Grape Vinegar to Gustiamo and to the USA!

So, how to use Sirk Vinegar?
It is not hard to discover how to best pair Sirk with food for yourself. The general rule is to drizzle Sirk on sweet or fatty flavors.
It’s amazing with eggs, actually, nobody in the Sirk family will eat eggs without it!
Also, sorbetto. If you make sorbetto at home, add this vinegar. And on fruit salad too!
AND, we know we are stating the obvious, but Sirk on salad… wow!

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