Meet Pasquale and his tomatoes

Pasquale the Piennolo Farmer

Piennolo tomatoes are special because of how they burst with flavor when you cook them. After just cooking them for a few minutes the aromas start to explode.”

We are delighted to introduce you to Pasquale Imperato, our Piennolo Tomato farmer. He’s the latest addition to the Gusti family of good food farmers.

Piennolo Tomatoes are those famous tomatoes that are preserved in bunches, hanging on a piece of twine. They are known for their thick skins and strong flavor. These are the same Piennolo Tomatoes that often are cut in half and preserved in jars in their own juices. That’s how we import them.

Pasquale works closely with his Mamma, Signora Anna. She’s been helping her family preserve Piennolo Tomatoes since she was 4 years old. When we visited their farm, she cooked us a big lunch and we ate right next to the Piennolo Tomato fields.