Postcard From Sicily!

Postcard from the Salt Flats

Trapani, Sicily

Our friend Kristy Mucci just visited Trapani. To say she was enamored by traditional Sicilian sea salt production would be an understatement. This is Kristy’s dreamy sea salt story.

Antonino and Salvatore Gucciardo produce our Trapani Sea Salt. One reason we love their salt is because it’s raw. This salt is never washed or refined and naturally contains minerals (think: potassium).

Yes, she said FLAMINGOS. Did you know that Pink Flamingos live in Sicily? This area, where the Gucciardo family works, is protected by the World Wide Fund for Nature.

When Kirsty got back she told us that: Their salt has more going on than just ‘saltiness,’ because of all the minerals left in it.” Yes! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, brava Kristy.