Today in Napoli: La Festa di San Gennaro!

Today is the day that the whole city of Napoli celebrates its beloved patron Saint Gennaro! The city is full of processions. All the Neapolitans are gathering at the Duomo, to watch San Gennaro’s blood liquefy, the ancient and sacred miracle!

It is said the saint’s blood is said to turn to liquid, bringing good luck to the city and the region. Southern Italian communities within Italy and around the world hold festive celebrations in August and September in honor of San Gennaro.

We too! We just went to Napoli to watch the real San Gennaro Miracle, with our own eyes! We met with Sabatino Abagnale, who just finished harvesting the legendary Miracolo di San Gennaro tomatoes. Yes, it happened! We witnessed the miracle: these tomatoes are miraculously good!

Sabatino Abagnale Miracolo di San Gennaro tomatoes Napoli campania

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