Welcome Pasquale Imperato Sapori Vesuviani

Welcome Pasquale to the Gusti Family! His DOP Piennolo Tomatoes just landed for the first time in the USA.

We are so proud to introduce our new producer of Piennolo Tomaotes, Sapori Vesuviani, lead by the wonderfully passionate Pasquale Imperato.

Standing in the Piennolo Tomato fields under Mt. Vesuvious learning about piennolo agriculture.

If you ask Pasquale a question, there’s a 50% chance that he will start his response with an enthusiastic “guagliò!” and there’s a 100% chance he will give you a very wordy more-than-you-ever-wanted-to-know answer. Pasquale is vehemently against big-ag. Just mention of the word “glyphosate” and you will inspire a detailed and insightful rant.

Cheers to Sapori Vesuviani Tomatoes in the USA!  Drinking a special bottle of Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio 2005. And no, that’s not Coca Cola, that’s Pasquale’s re-purposed water jug!

Pasquale is a 4th generation piennolo farmer. His mother, 3rd generation piennolo farmer Signora Anna, cooked us a Piennolo Tomato feast; where, in typical Napoletana nonna fashion, she attempted to have us eat 300 grams of pasta each!

Quintessential tomato nonna, Signora Anna, Pasquale Imperato, and Beatrice

Although Pasquale’s farm is based on long-standing tradition, he is very modern and forward thinking in his farming methods. Pasquale practices a United Nations recognized farming practice known as integrated pest management, which prioritizes the least possible disruption to agro-ecosystems. Pasquale also uses micorizzazione to keep his soil healthy, which uses fungi to create a nutrient symbiosis in the soil where the Piennolo tomatoes grow.

DOP Piennolo Tomatoes from Sapori Vesuviani in the Gustiamo warehouse in the Bronx. Pacchetella means, cut in half. In fact these are halved Piennolo Tomaotes.

In short, Pasquale is our kind of guy and his Piennolo Tomatoes are beautiful. We can’t wait for all of our friends here in the USA to try them.