Pasta Martelli in America, Only with Gustiamo!!!

Pasta Martelli If Martelli pasta is a legend in the world, which it is, there must be a reason, since they do not advertise and spend no money in marketing. Their participation at Taste,  the food show in Firenze, this year, was an exception! Dino Martelli, the patriarch of the family, who has been making artisanal pasta since 1926 is a great, honest man! (And very popular; his Facebook account exploded at his 5,000th  “friend” and it was frozen. What do you do in this situation? I don’t have a clue. Do you?)

Pasta MartelliThey decided they could afford to participate to Taste because it’s so close to their hometown, Lari, near Pisa, and travel and lodging expenses were minimal. Almost the whole family attended the show; in the picture to the right are some of them: Dino, Laura, Lucia, me and Chiara Martelli. Yes, I think we are part of the family, too.

Gustiamo is extremely proud to be the exclusive importer of Pasta Martelli, in America!

How good is this pasta? We asked Marco Stabile, the young chef of Ora D’aria emerging fame. The infatigable Marco also just opened his new restaurant in Miami, Toscana di Vino. In the video below, I asked Marco the very embarrassing question: What is the best pasta? Watch the video for the answer. Brief extract in English, below.

Marco says that he always uses pasta Martelli, for several reasons: he was born and grew up nearby; the yellow packaging is “bello”; it’s a dry pasta that is always fresh since they make the pasta to order. Conclusion: You can’t have a better pasta than this. Capito???


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  1. Natasha Lardera says:

    I believe that quality speaks for itself here… who tastes pasta Martelli knows they are eating something of great quality and talks about it…so it’s word of mouth that makes it so popular.

  2. Pari Doyle-Weber says:

    In 2002 while on a family trip to Italy, I found out thatbTuesday was spaghetti making day at Martelli. So we had our drive take us from Firenze to Roma via Lari. My, at the time, 10 year old son who has Down Syndrome , loves pasta and the entire family gave him an incredible tour and the aunts let him pack his own special kilo to bring home. He has never stopped talking about making spaghetti with his Italian friends. They are a most remarkable family and company and we use their products all the time. Seeing their pictures on your website was lovely, my son’s bathroom has a whole series of pictures framed from his incredible vist
    Pati Doyle-Weber

  3. Dear Friend, thank you for sharing. It is a beautiful story and we’ll make sure it is passed to the Martelli family. May we send a bag of Martelli spaghetti to your son, compliment of the Martelli aunts? Grazie mille!

  4. Pasta Martelli is definitely one of the first point in my list of what I should taste this year.

  5. Olivia, what are you waiting for!? 🙂 Pasta Martelli is waiting for you to taste it!

  6. Justin Martelli says:

    Hands down this is my favorite pasta out there (and not just because of the name). I used to be able to buy it at a local Italian restaurant here in Minnesota as I was growing up; however, now have to make regular bulk purchases from Gustiamo. I serve it at special occasions and everyone that tries the pasta absolutely loves it!

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