Martelli in Vine Pair

“It’s time to stop eating commercial pasta,” says Courtney Schiessl. We agree!

Schiessl talks about the Martelli family and their factory in her article on Vinepair. She also explains why it’s better to eat artisanal pasta, and stop eating commercial pasta. Here are some interesting pasta facts that she reminds us of, after visiting Martelli:

Dried pasta must be made with hard durum wheat. As the author explains: Hard grains have more protein than soft grains and can absorb more water, making them hardier and less likely to fall apart, which is very important when shaping and cooking pasta… many large pasta companies have manufacturing plants in other parts of the world and could technically use other kinds of wheat for these pastas. Barilla, for instance, makes much of their U.S.-bound pasta in Iowa and New York, though they insist that the recipe remains the same.”

Artisanal pasta is dried naturally, and longer. “Commercial pasta has a shorter drying time, which creates pasta harder to digest. When the drying process is sped up, the gluten in the pasta is put under intense pressure, according to the Martelli family. This stressed gluten is more difficult for the body to break down and digest, making it harsher. When the pasta is allowed to dry in a more natural way, the gluten is less stressed, and it is easier to digest, making it better for those with sensitivities to gluten.”

Bronze molds, make pasta with better texture. “Plastic teflon molds are more practical for industrial facilities, as they are lighter and easier to manufacture, but they create pasta that is completely smooth when dried and slippery-slimy when cooked. Artisanal pasta makers tend to use solid bronze molds, which create rough, textured pasta; the difference is noticeable even before the pasta is cooked. This texture is better for marrying with sauce, keeping it from sliding right off the noodles and creating a complete pasta dish.”

Thanks for reporting on pasta Martelli Courtney! We got your message loud and clear “stop eating commercial pasta” and start eating more Martelli Pasta!