Epicurious Italian Pantry

Check us out in Epicurious’s Italian Pantry!

No Italian pantry would be complete without Pasta Martelli Maccheroni from Tuscany and Sant’Eustachio espresso grind coffee from Rome, and Epicurious wholeheartedly agrees!

Epicurious loves Pasta Martelli’s artisanal pasta making methods, they say, “the Martelli family air-dries durum wheat pasta for 50 hours for the perfect texture.” And about Sant’Eustachio espresso they say, “wood-roasted in a buzzy Roman caffè, these beans will make your morning cup even more blissful.” It’s true, Sant’Eustachio makes even the most harsh Monday morning blissful at Gustiamo, where we have this coffee practically on tap!

The Italian Pantry

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