WSJ: “Marcella Hazan’s Staples” from Gustiamo

The title of the article is: “THE CARE PACKAGE | An Italian Pantry, Handpicked by the Pros“.  And, who are the Pros? Gustiamo, of course!

The article says: “If the late, great Italian cookbook-author Marcella Hazan taught America anything about her native cuisine, it’s that ingredients matter… Mr. Hazan and Beatrice Ughi, president and owner of New York-based Italian foods importer Gustiamo (longtime supplier to the Hazan household), have put together a crate of Ms. Hazan’s trusted staples. The kit includes: Carnaroli Rice for the creamiest risottos you can imagine; salt-packed anchovies, the flavor base for so many sauces and braises in the cook’s repertoire; San Marzano tomatoes  for her famous tomato sauce with onion and butter; and more. “When you have a recipe with only two or three ingredients, if one of them is mediocre, well, then the whole recipe falls apart,” said Mr. Hazan.
To further ensure cooking success, 30% of proceeds from the sale of this collection will fund a scholarship in Ms. Hazan’s name at the International Culinary Center in New York. $250 for Marcella’s Favorites basket,“.

Capito? If you buy Marcella’s Favorite basket, you do good to a young person who will learn to cook Italian and you will do good to yourself, because ingredients do matter!