3 Tomatoes for your Pizza

There are only three tomato varieties permitted by the Naples pizza authorities when making by the book Pizza Napoletana.

San Marzano, Corbarino, and Piennolo tomatoes.

They are heirloom varieties, local to the Campania region, where they are hand harvested and cared for by honest and passionate farmers, who dedicate their lives to these tomatoes.

San Marzano, Gustarosso

Gustiamo Gustarosso San Marzano pizza napoletana

The king of tomatoes, born to be on pizza Napoletana, with an aroma that evokes all your best summer memories. A pleasant acidity stands out and cleans the palate, complementing nicely the velvety texture of mozzarella, with a mouthwatering effect that whets the appetite. As always, San Marzano tomatoes are peeled.

Corbarino, Maida

Gustiamo Corbarino tomatoes pizza napoletana

Almost candy sweet, with a juicy pulp and fine skin. These tiny tomatoes offer a low acidity with a note of minerality that calls to mind the salinity of the Mediterranean sea. Corbarino is a gentle tomato that leaves your mouth with an aftertaste of caramel and pairs superbly with both moister and fluffier crusts.

Piennolo, Sapori Vesuviani

Gustiamo Piennolo tomatoes Campania pizza napoletana

Cut in half and covered by a deep red, aromatic, and thick skin. The slight bitterness of the outside is balanced by the striking sweetness of the inside. Its flavor complexity makes it the ideal pairing with basil for a pizza margherita, where this volcanic tomato will have a starring role.