Paolo Ruggiero of DaniCoop Wins Coldiretti’s Creativity Award

Congratulations to DaniCoop and their fearless leader Paolo Ruggiero, winners of Coldiretti’s Oscar Green Campano 2018 award for Creativity!

DaniCoop is an agriculture cooperative made up of about 50 farmer members, united by a passion for growing and sharing REAL San Marzano Tomatoes. These are the folks who make our beloved Gustarosso San Marzano Tomatoes.  Paolo Ruggiero is the president of this cooperative.

Coldiretti is one of the few associations in Italy who advocate for the rights of farmers. Gustiamo has been a long time admirer and friend of Coldiretti and we are very proud that this important organization is honoring our own Paolo Ruggiero.

Paolo’s award for creativity is remarkable! San Marzano Tomatoes have been planted in the Agro nocerino sarnese for centuries. Legend has it that the first tomato seed, which would become San Marzano, came from South America and was planted in this Campania’s volcanic soil in the 1700s.

Growing San Marzano is certainly an antique tradition, so we are especially overjoyed that Paolo has won for creativity and innovation. As Paolo says in the video below:
The strong base of DaniCoop comes from innovation made by young people with the long standing traditions of our farmers. We do what we do with a lot of courage.”

It is courageous! Paolo, keep up the good work. By encouraging farming you are protecting your people and your culture. By encouraging innovation and biodiversity you are improving your land and our earth.