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The treat of all treats! Single origin Ecuadorian dark chocolate from Puerto Quito wrapped around sweet IGP Piemonte hazelnuts, sourced from Terra delle Nocciole in the Alta Langa region. Master chocolatier Marco Colzani succeeded in the mission of combining two of the most lush ingredients into an indulgent yet refined candy. This takes gianduja chocolate to a whole new level, with a crunchy, deeply satisfying texture, you can't eat just one. Uno tira l'altro, as Italians say.

The pairing of chocolate and hazelnuts is an Italian classic for good reason; in many ways, the cacao and hazelnut plants are like twins separated at birth. Both take ten years to produce their first fruits, which both need to be dried before eaten. While the cocoa bean tans in the equatorial sun, the hazelnut lounges serenely in the Alta Langa microarea of Piemonte. Here they're kissed by the breeze coming off the sea, under the excellent supervision of our friends at Terra delle Nocciole, a cooperative of farmers who have been growing prized Piedmontese hazelnuts for generations.

At the Colzani lab, chocolate and hazelnuts come together to create a truly special delicacy. The hazelnuts are delicately toasted, avoiding overheating that could compromise taste and aroma. And of course, the chocolate is treated according to Marco’s painstaking process of conserving the beans’ natural flavor characteristics: carefully adjusting the sugar-to-cacao ratio for each batch, never using additives or preservatives, patiently aging the chocolate to perfection. The result is the highest expression of a traditional Italian pair, a rich wholesome treat to be enjoyed any time of day.

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