These EV Olive Oils Are Going to the Oscars – in California!

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oils
Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oils

These ev olive oils were sent last week to Pomona, in California, to participate to the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, an annual event since 2000. They expect some 500 different olive oils from all over the world. That’s a lot of olive oils to taste. We are doing tasting of all our new olive oils in the warehouse these days, and after 3-4 tasting I already get confused. I hope there are a lot of judges at the LA Competition!The oils that are running for the gold are:

Tenuta di Cafaggio: from near Siena by Enrico Benci.

La Quagliera: from Abruzzi by Prisca Montani.

Cru di Cures: from Sabina by Laura Fagiolo.

Vicopisano: from near Pisa by Nicola Bovoli.

We kissed the bottles before we shipped them to to the West Coast. Good luck to them! Winners will be announced June 19th. Stay tuned.

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  1. I hope that all the Gustiamo Oils have a good trip from NY to LA.
    June 19 I wou’d like to sing: “…All’alba….vincerò!

  2. leatrice gilbert deitsch says:

    While I wish you good luck,of course, really the oils speak for themselves. If they win then I will know the judges are honorable, especially the vicopisano with the flavors of apple and vanilla, the soft finish. and the lovely aroma. I really enjoy the taste of my food after drizzling a little oil to finish.

  3. Lucy Almeida says:

    Yes, all 4 oils listed are kings in their league, each in their own way. I have tasted the new harvest (2010/2011) of La Quagliera just now and I am very pleased with the mild but still fruity aroma!! Wonderful!!!! Yes, it is mildly fruity, I would say.
    I had it over toasted bread which I rubbed with a raw garlic clove, then poured the oil over the bread. What a delicious breakfast, so fresh the aroma, and it keeps all flus and colds away! Seriously, nobody in our family needs any flu shots, because we have raw garlic, outstanding olive oil and homemade bread all the time!

  4. Ehi, do you know? Nicola Bovoli from Vicopisano and Antonella Fagiolo from Cru di Cures evoo will be in NYC second part of February!
    do you want to talk at phone with them? So you could ask directly which are the secretes to produce a so wonderful high quality this a great idea??

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