On Eater: San Marzano Superstar

Lights, sound, action… Look at Gustarosso’s Paolo Ruggiero sitting in front of Eater’s big camera. Way to debut as a tomato farmer superstar!

Last August, Eater went to Campania to switch the spotlight on the most prized pomodoro in the business. Presenting: a San Marzano movie, filmed entirely at Gustarosso in Sarno, from the tomato vine all the way to the can.

Just watching this brought us to tears of joy. Eater perfectly captured the beauty of these pomodori and the passion of everyone working at Gustarosso. After decades of speaking up against San Marzano tomato fraud and being outnumbered by dishonest guys, these Gustarosso 10 minutes of fame are a big win.

This is the red carpet of the tomato world! Paolo + Gustarosso, we are forever proud and honored to have your precious San Marzano tomatoes in the Gustiamo family.

San Marzano Recipe

the bear family meal spaghetti recipe san marzano tomatoesHulu’s The Bear won big at the Golden Globes and we’re celebrating with our favorite activity: eating pasta. ICYMI, real San Marzano tomatoes are the secret ingredient to The Bear’s family meal spaghetti. We recreated Chef Carmy’s exact recipe and wrote it on the Gusti blog.