Fancy Food Show 2017

This year’s New York Fancy Food Show started with a bang. We were planning our favorite New York summer week, when we received exciting news from the Specialty Food Association: both our Pistachio Nougat by Caffè Sicilia and Raw Almond Spread by Marco Colzani won the Sofi Awards. Fantastico! We jumped right into the celebrative mood proudly holding our trophies.

With the inspiring company of Victor Hazan, all the slices of Pistachio Nougat shared with our friend David Lebovitz, and an incredibly colorful program for a week of Italy’s best foods celebrations, we couldn’t ask for more. We’ve had three phenomenal days at the Javits Center, catching up with all our friends in the good food community and talking about real farmers and food makers.

Between all the partying and food tasting we didn’t forget to put the spotlight on the authentic Italian food that we stand for. Here’s the video of the chat we had with the i-Italy team about the challenges and the joys of being an importer of real Italian food. How telegenic are our shelves brimming with artisanal pasta, real Italian tomatoes, and bottles of extra virgin olive oil?