Gustiamo in Edible Brooklyn!

Our friend and amazing fresh pasta maker, Antonio Capone of Un Posto Italiano, rocked the cover of edible Brooklyn this month. Who was with him on the cover? Gustiamo! Well, at least our flour was.

As Antonio says in the article, “pasta is all about the flour.” In fact, as Edible explains, Antonio “tried several American flour varieties in an effort to use local ingredients, but none was up to snuff. ” What did he settle on? Filippo Drago’s Molini del Ponte Semola Rimacinata from Sicily, which Antonio buys from Gustiamo in 25 kg bags. It’s the best flour for fresh pasta, if we do say so ourselves.

Our favorite part of Antonio’s interview with Edible Brooklyn is when Antonio says “It’s easy to open a restaurant or a pasta store, but if you don’t use the right ingredients…” after saying which,  “he trails off, shrugging his shoulders as if to say, good luck with that.”

Antonio, we love you and your fabulous pasta.