Nicola Bovoli arrived in NY last night and we already have put him to work. We asked him to taste three EV olive oils from three different regions, Cru di Cures from Lazio, Tratturello from Molise and Nicola’s Vicopisano from Toscana. He is a Mastro Olivario, i.e. an official taster of EV Olive Oils and he presides all kinds of panels for awards and certifications in Italy. So, he knows more than a thing or two about the gold liquid. He also said that the olive’s cultivars, the kind of soil, the microclimate of the particular olive grove would characterize the taste of each oil. In a blind tasting, in fact, he would be able to tell you where each of the ev olive oils come from. This is what he had to say (click the arrow to watch the video)

I made a mistake in the video (a few, actually, but this one point is important). The olive with which the Tratturello is made is NOT Tonda di Larino but Gentile di Larino. Francesco, will you ever forgive me?

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