Best Tomato Paste Ever, according to Saveur

Yes, you heard that right. Here at Gustiamo we have the best tomato paste ever, that’s Pianogrillo Estratto di Pomodori.

Kristy Mucci of Saveur wants the world to know!  In her interview with Chef Mike Anthony at Gramercy Tavern, he says:

“Most everyone who cooks has a thing of tomato paste. It just never really has appealed to me, those canned tomatoes are all kind of a ubiquitous thing. I bought a quarter pound of this Sicilian tomato concentrate which kind of looks the same, it’s a deep dark red color, but it was handmade and sun-dried, and it was like a revelation. It is so dense that it’s essentially preserved, and using that when I’m cooking is just a dream.”


And Mucci chimes in that Pianogrillo tomato extract is nothing like that “muddy-tasting tomato paste at supermarkets… It’s my new favorite way to keep the sweet taste of summer going all year long.

It’s true! Pianogrillo tomato paste is a secret ingredient for many of our favorite chefs.