Italian Sounding Problem Strikes Again

The Italian sounding problem makes us angry. Irate, actually. i-Italy talks about Italian Sounding and the 2014 Summer Fancy Food Show and interviews Gustiamo about this serious issue:

Italian Sounding Gustiamo Fraud“The issue of Italian sounding brand names by manufacturers that have nothing to do with Italy has been going on for years and many are fighting against it… ‘I remember when I used to come to the US as a tourist, I would always make a trip to the supermarket. How funny it was to see all those Italian names on foods that had nothing to do with Italy! Very funny. Now that I have the honor to represent real Italian products, Italian sounding is no longer funny. It’s a catastrophe. All you need is a map of Italy, an Italian name, and “product of Italy” on the label. And the game is done. Who is going to check anyway? No one. Take a bottle of olive oil. In some (very few) cases, the true origin of the olives is written on the back of the bottle, but you need a magnifying glass to read it,’ Beatrice Ughi, founder and president of Gustiamo, importer and distributor of authentic, artisanal foods from all regions of Italy, added. ‘We strongly believe that fake Italian products are a huge and growing problem. In the USA, “made in Italy” is more attractive than ever before. Italian products are considered cool. They signify a glamorous and elegant lifestyle. Italy, according to Americans, makes food products that are healthy and good for you. If you eat Italian, you are engaging with traditions, family, and culture. ‘Made in Italy,’ in the USA, is more appreciated and sought after than ever before. Italy can be found for sale everywhere in the USA, but at lower and lower prices.’ “

Thank you i-Italy for spreading the word. We have to keep saying it, over and over again, until the whole world hears us. Click here for the complete article.

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