Black Friday

When Black Friday comes and you hear all those horror stories of people waking up in the middle of the night just to stand in long lines and wait for the stores to open. Am I the only one to think that these people belong to a different planet and should vote for a different system, not mine? When you hear that someone died, you are just very very sad.

On the other hand, the Op-Ed by Marcella Hazan in yesterday’s NYTimes is timely, lovely and very appropriate. Her advice: replace store-bought presents with meals cooked at home. When Marcella says something, you must listen!

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  1. Ciao!
    Love your blog and intend to visit often.
    I agree with Marcella Hazan; there’s nothing like a nice, simple meal cooked at home shared with people you love!
    Peace, Pasta, Panzanella!

  2. Grazie Maurizio. Simple meals. It is our motto! You don’t have to slave in the kitchen. It takes nothing to prepare a delicious meal. Do you cook? Want to share recipes?

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