The perfect Moka Coffee

Giamaica Coffee is selected, roasted, and ground with incredible attention to detail by Simone Frasi in Verona. Simone learned the art of coffee roasting from his father, the legendary Gianni Frasi.

Simone is as perfectionist a coffee roaster as he is a coffee drinker. Here are some of his secrets for brewing the absolute best coffee using the Moka pot.

Moka is THE quintessential at-home Italian coffee maker. With its vintage look, the Moka pot has a special place in the heart of every Italian coffee lover.

How does the Moka pot actually work?
Basically, hot water + pressure = delicious coffee eruption. When the water inside the lower chamber boils, it is pushed up through the ground coffee in the filter basket, finally bubbling into the collecting chamber.

When you fill the basket with coffee, do you pack it down or make a mountain?
Neither! Fill the basket with ground coffee, pressing it very gently, just enough to distribute uniformly.

When should I turn the stove off?
Keep your stove on medium/high and continuous heat. You know the coffee is done when the coffee gurgle gets to its loudest. That’s when you turn off the heat.

Lid open or shut? 
Leave the lid open while the coffee is brewing, this way the first drops extracted won’t burn when touching the surface. Watch closely and shut the lid when the gurgling gets intense.

How to keep the Moka clean?
The Moka pot should be cleaned after each use using ONLY WATER. Make sure you brush off all coffee residue. No soap!

Foamy, round, refreshing, caffè shakerato is a summer must.

Coffee, ice, and almond milk. Treat yourself to caffè leccese!